June Creative Craft Bag

We are beyond excited about our newest development at The Creation Station. We have been thinking about doing this for a very long time, but the amount of work that comes with it always pushed it to the background.

Now that we can not have anybody over due to Covid-19, this is the right time to put energy in new ideas and push ourselves to keep going in these difficult times!

So, here we are: we are proud to introduce to you: The Creative Craft Bag! It will turn into a box, but we have to find a company who offers what we are looking for. So a bag it is for now!

     What makes the Creative Craft Bag Unique

It is very important that we offer children crafts at their own level and have expectations accordingly. Age does not matter, when children enjoy what they are doing, they will grow and improve. And if they don't, that is fine too. Developing fine motor skills helps children in so many ways and we really help children by encouraging to work on them!

Creating something makes people happy, it is an accomplishment! it is relaxing and fun. With proper instructions, everybody can make something!

The Creative Craft Bag is for any age. A few crafts in the bag are categorized by skill level, but overall the bag is the same for every body! 

Another great thing about the Creative Craft Bag is that almost EVERYTHING is in the bag: paint, modpodge, templates, instructions...it is all in there! So no need to worry about not being able to finish the craft because we have it (all) covered.

And last: the bag has crafts that can be done fairly quickly, and others might take weeks. It is okay to be upset about a craft taking forever... take that time and keep in mind what the end result is. Nobody will tell you to finish it in one go... 

        Having said all this...let's have a look at our 

                 "JUNE CREATIVE CRAFT BAG"

Your new friends within 6 feet!


5 Peg Dolls in plain wood

Paint: black, white, red, yellow and blue (learn how to mix colours)

Some accesories

Bowl for water

Plate for mixing


Model Magic in white, yellow, blue and red (again great for learning mixing colours) and 10 magnets.

Using clay is great for fine motor skills and imagination!

3 Levels

Bee: advanced (3D, lot of precise cutting, colouring in, gluing and painting)

Lion: Medium (Some cutting (not too detailed), gluing, painting no colouring)

The bee and lion come with: canvas, paint, pre-drawn characters, googley eyes, instructions, leaves (lion only) 

Bee on a stick: Easy (Only gluing and taping, no cutting (fun to run around with)) Comes with pre-cut circles,stinger, pipe-cleaner and stick. You will make 2 of these!!!

Clay pot with artificial plant (different plants)

Included: 1 small clay pot, white and black paint, rocks, artificial plant, little flowers, horn, template mustache.

These are examples, you can draw/paint any face!!!

Water-bead stress ball

So much fun for any age!

Included: 2 balloons, water-beads


Great to hang outside!!! Amazing for July 1!  

Comes with 24 paper cups and 9 feet of Hemp Cord!


Again amazing for any age!

Comes with a hexagon tile, modpodge, brush, paper with hexagon templates to draw/paint on, no-slip-stoppers

You will receive a FREE Father's Day card as well as a $5.- coupon for your next Creative Craft Bag!

The Price

The price for all this is $75.-. 

When you choose to do the bee on a stick instead of the canvas bee/lion the price for all of it is $60.-

For this month we can have your order ready June 6th...maybe sooner but we will let you know!

To pre-order your June Creative Craft Bag, text or call 905 727 8847 or email us at angelika@thecreationstation.ca

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